Our Speciality Areas

Floor Plans

We use the latest technology in order to produce floor plans that can be as detailed as the client requires. We have standard details, which can be added to as each building / client will vary between each project.


Using a high quality laser we can make difficult to reach elevations relatively easy. By using the in built lasers we can measure buildings up to 100m away. Again like with the floor plans we can change our spec to suit each building/ clients needs. The main details we measure are doors, windows and stonework etc.


We also produce building sections using information from our topographical, internal and elevation surveys. This then gives a good view of the buildings internal spaces and floor widths etc.

We have carried out many building surveys on varying sites ranging from castles and palaces to barns for conversion. Our surveying equipment and expertise helps us provide plans for irregular shaped old and new buildings with an excellent degree of accuracy.